About Scott

There are only two forms of socially acceptable madness; being in Love & being an Entrepreneur!

Scott Lester

With numerous business interests, Scott is a successful International Entrepreneur, Investor​, Foodie and Ambassador for several initiatives to help develop young entrepreneurs including; Founders4schools and YoungEnterprise. Scott is also a Benefactor and Patron of the Raindance Film Festival.


Flixmedia - Digital Asset syndication & Realtime Analytics
Digital Asset syndication & Realtime Analytics
EyeKandy - Creative & Virtual Reality Digital Production Agency
Creative & Virtual Reality Digital Production Agency
Mumma's Boy Media - Commercial Property Investments
Commercial Property Investments


Let’s roll!

It's all about progress. To get to where you want to be.

The Big Questions are;

  • Can you Imagine where 'there' is?
  • Do you Believe you can get there?
  • How can you Achieve it?

Designed as an easy read for those that know they've got something, but haven't quite figured out how to discover it, shape it, or make it happen. (Yet!)

This is not a self help book. This is a book to encourage the start of your personal journey to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit inside you and get things done.

Ain't nothing to it, but to do it....Let's Roll.

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The Lester Foundation

The Lester Foundation is a registered CAF Trust. Our goal is to help young entrepreneurs, in the UK and abroad, prepare for the intimidating world of business!

The Foundation objective is to support Charity organisations to inspire ambitious, young people that they can do it, regardless of background, or college grades and that self belief can take you most of the way. To inform them that there really ain't nothin to it, but to do it, when it comes to starting a business, or heading out to the commercial world.

​The Lester Foundation will never ask for external, financial donations to support causes. However, now and then, we may ask if you want to spend some time helping the next generation of entrepreneurs take their first steps.

The Lester Foundation crest

The Foundation supports several Charities, both financially, and with Scott's time, to help young people understand how business works, how to get confident and prepare them for success!

In the News

Key trends in 2018: Cryptocurrency, AR and personalised product pages

To say that the retail industry underwent a turbulent 2017 is an understatement. Many of the trends we saw last year have set the tone for developments in 2018, with a change in direction required from all retailers to ensure they keep pace with the competition. Below are three predictions for the retail industry. Read more.

End of an Era as eBay drops PayPal as Main Payments Processor

eBay is to drop PayPal as its main payments processor, in a move it says will benefit both sellers and buyers on the platform. While consumers using the auction service will still be able to pay using PayPal until at least 2023, eBay has signed an agreement with Dutch payments firm Adyen that will see payments processing brought in-house. Read more.

eBay, PayPal breakup: A win for the consumer

In a bid to bring online payments in-house to streamline user experience, eBay is looking to end its historic partnership with PayPal with the standing deal set to expire in mid-2020. Read more.

What does 2018 have in store for retail?

Retailers have endured as tough a year as anyone, and many went as far as to dub it the “retail apocalypse”. So it's no surprise that the industry, just like the rest of us, is crying out for some good news. Read more.

Are Customers Really Holding Out For Christmas?

Christmas shopping in the run-up to the big day has been around almost as long as Christmas presents. Yet, as with many long-standing traditions this year, this could be on the verge of change. Read more.

Guest opinion: How to make AR a retail reality

In the wake of Amazon’s augmented reality launch, Scott Lester, Chairman, EyeKandy, assesses the lay of the AR land and examines how the technology can be made accessible and affordable for all. Read more.

Amazon introduces AR to its app as retailers failing to make the most of new tech for immersive mobile experiences.

Amazon has added augmented reality features to its iOS app across Europe, allowing shoppers to view certain goods in place in their homes. The move, which takes advantage of Apple’s ARKit built into iOS11, takes Amazon into the rarified arena of AR-enabled retailers led by Ikea that are already successfully using the technology to bring online goods into the home virtually. Read more

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